One Light

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There is One unchanging indivisible Reality which, though unmanifest, reveals Itself in infinite multiplicity and diversity.
~ Anandamayi Ma

Is it not a fact that the three doctrines (of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism) may be three, but the Way is ultimately one?

— Introduction of Understanding Reality by Chang Po-tuan (11th C. Taoist master)

Ask of those who have attained God; all speak the same word. All the saints are of one mind; it is only those in the midst of the way who follow diverse paths. All the enlightened have left one message; it is only those in the midst of their journeywho hold diverse opinions.
— Dadu (16th c. Indian saint)

The Hierarchy is one, and the esoteric sides of all religions were launched by it, as was the great experiment started through Ouspensky and Gurdjieff for our own time.
— Rodney Collin (20th c. Fourth Way spiritual teacher)


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