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Mercy defined: compassion: kindness or forgiveness shown especially to somebody a person has power over.

“Think you that your devotion did not touch the Infinite Mercy? The Motherhood of God, which you have worshiped in forms both human and divine, could never fail to answer your forsaken cry.” (Master Mahasaya in Paramahansa Yogananda’s, ”Autobiography of a Yogi”, P. 100)

“The quality of mercy is not strain’d
It droppeth, as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath: It is twice bless’d
It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes”

[William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice]

“Some severe blow of fate will drive you towards God. This will be but an expression of His Mercy; however painful, it is by such blows that one learns one’s lesson.” – Anandamayee Ma




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