Indiscriminate Reading

08/20/2011 Comments Off on Indiscriminate Reading

not discriminating; lacking in care, judgment, selectivity, etc.

the action or practice of a person who reads.

“The study of sacred books and listening to religious discourses is meant to develop self-control and peace.

I am not for indiscriminate reading of books however valuable they may be.  Much reading tends to confuse the mind.  It fosters argumentation and intellectual pride.

What I insist upon is putting the things read into practice, if not all, a least a
thing or two.  Moreover, remember that a book is only a pointer, a
guide, a signpost.

Reading alone cannot be the completion of the journey.  It is only the first step; read for the sake of practising, not for reading’s sake.  Too many books in a room indicates that a person is suffering from intellectual illnesses, just as too many tins, capsules and bottles of medicines in a cupboard indicate that the
person is suffering from physical illness.” – Sathya Sai Baba



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