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Silence 1. absence of any sound or noise; stillness. 2. to put (doubts, fears, etc.) to rest; quiet.


“When I am liberated by silence, when I am no longer involved in the measurement of life, but in the living of it, I can discover a form of prayer in which there is effectively no distraction. My whole life becomes a prayer. My whole silence is full of prayer. The world of silence in which I am immersed contributes to my prayer.” — Thomas Merton

I will find new meaning in every joy and sorrow
In that silence, I will hear the voice of the spirit,
and freed from this world~
I will see another order where the
end is another Beginning~Rumi

The Power of Silence

Sorcerers stalk themselves in order to break the power of their obsessions. There are many ways of stalking oneself. If you don’t want to use the idea of your death, you can use poems to stalk yourself. I stalk myself with them. I deliver a jolt to myself with them. I listen, and shut off my internal dialogue and let my inner silence gain momentum. Then the combination of the poem and the silence delivers the jolt. See if you can feel what I’m talking about with this poem by José Gorostiza. …this incessant stubborn dying, this living death, that slays you, oh God, in your rigorous handiwork, in the roses, in the stones, in the indomitable stars and in the flesh that burns out, like a bonfire lit by a song, a dream, a hue that hits the eye. …and you, yourself, perhaps have died eternities of ages out there, without us knowing about it, we dregs, crumbs, ashes of you; you that still are present, like a star faked by its very light, an empty light without star that reaches us, hiding its infinite catastrophe. Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan’s Teachings

That state which transcends speech and thought is mauna (Silence); it is meditation without mental activity. Subjugation of the mind is
meditation; deep meditation is eternal speech. Silence is ever-speaking; it is the perennial flow of ‘language’. It is interrupted by speaking; for words obstruct this mute ‘language’. Lectures may entertain individuals for hours without improving them. Silence, on the other hand, is permanent and benefits the whole of humanity… .By silence, eloquence is meant. Oral lectures are not so eloquent as silence. Silence is unceasing eloquence… . It is the best language. There is a state when words cease and silence prevails. Sri Raman Maharshi From the book: MAHARSHI’S GOSPEL BOOK I Published by V.S. Ramanan President, Board of Trustees Sri Ramanasramam Tiruvannamalai

[1] “Silence is the only language of the realized. Practice moderation in speech. That will help you in many ways. It will develop Prema, for most
misunderstandings and factions arise out of carelessly spoken words.
When the foot slips, the wound can be healed; but when the tongue
slips, the wound it causes in the heart of another will fester for
life. The tongue is liable to four big errors: uttering falsehood,
scandalizing, finding fault with others, and excessive speech. All
these have to be avoided if there is to be santhi for the individual as
well as for society.”
[2] “I insist on silence. Talk less, talk low when you must talk. Do not
thrust your sorrows, your needs, your problems into the ears of those
who have come here with their own bundle of such things. They are not
interested in adding to their troubles. I am here to listen to you, to
console you. Do not by loudness of voice disturb those who are
meditating or reading or writing the Name of God.”
[3] Spend a few minutes every morning and evening in the silence of your own
shrine or home; spend them with the highest of all the powers that you
know of. Be in His elevating and inspiring company; worship Him
mentally; offer unto Him all the work you do; you will come out of the
silence nobler and more heroic than when you went in. Sathya Sai Baba



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