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Pride – vanity
1. satisfaction with self: the happy satisfied feeling somebody experiences when having or achieving something special that other people admire
2. proper sense of own value: the correct level of respect for the importance and value of your personal character, life, efforts, or achievements
3. feeling of superiority: a haughty attitude shown by somebody who believes, often unjustifiably, that he or she is better than others
4. source of personal satisfaction: something such as an achievement or possession that somebody feels especially pleased and satisfied with

excessive pride

“One cannot attain divine knowledge till one gets rid of pride. Water does not stay on the top of a mound; but into low land it flows in torrents from all sides.” –  Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Kabira Garv Na Keejiye, Kaal Gahe Kar Kes
Na Jaane Kit Mare Hai, Kya Des Kya Pardesh

Don’t be so proud and vain
The clutches of Time are dark
Who knows where shall it kill
Whether at home or abroad
Sant Kabir

“Two friends went into an orchard. One of them possessing much worldly wisdom, immediately began to count the mango trees there and the number
of mangoes each tree bore, and to estimate what might be the
approximate value of the whole orchard. His companion went to the
owner, made friends whith him, and then, quietly going into a tree,
began at his host’s desire to pluck the fruits and eat them. Whom do
you consider to be the wiser of the two? Eat mangoes. It will satisfy
your hunger. What is the good of counting the trees and leaves and
making calculations? The vain man of intellect busies himself with
finding out the ‘why’ and ‘wherefore’ of creation, while the humble man
of wisdom makes friends with the Creator and enjoys His gift of supreme
bliss” – Ramakrishna Paramhansa

“God laughs on two occasions. He laughs when the physician says to the patient’s mother, ‘Don’t be afraid, mother; I shall certainly cure your boy.’ God laughs, saying to Himself, ‘I am going to take his life, and this man says he will save it!’ The physician thinks he is the master, forgetting that God is the Master. God laughs again when two brothers divide their land with a string, saying to each other, ‘This side is mine and that side is yours.’ He laughs and says to Himself, ‘The whole universe belongs to Me, but they say they own this portion or that portion.” – Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Kabira Garv Na Keejiye, Uncha Dekh Aavaas

Kaal Paron Bhuin Letna, Ooper Jamsi Ghaas

Don’t be so proud and vain
Looking at your high mansion
Death makes one lie on bare land
And grass will grow thereon
Sant Kabir

“A man cannot realize God unless he gets rid of all such egotistic ideas as ‘I am such an important man’ or ‘I am so and so’. Level the mound of ‘I’ to the ground by dissolving it with tears of devotion.” – Ramakrishna Paramhansa

“Aproud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you’re looking down, you can’t see something that’s above you.” C.S. Lewis



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