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HummingBird said: “I’ve been trying for some time now to develop a lifestyle that doesn’t require my presence” Garry Trudeau

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.“ Buddha

“These roses under my window make no reference to former roses or to better ones; they are for what they are; they exist with God to-day.  There isno time in them.  There is simply the rose; it is perfect in everymoment of its existence.  Before a leaf-bud has burst, its whole life acts; in the full-blown flower there is no more; in the leafless root there is no less.  Its nature is satisfied, and it satisfies nature, in all moments alike.  But man postpones or remembers; he does not live in the present, but with reverted eye laments the past, or, heedless of the riches that surround him, stands on tiptoe to foresee the future. He cannot be happy and strong until he too lives with nature in the present, above time.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (Self-Reliance)

“People should not worry as much about what they do but rather about what they are. If they and their ways are good, then their deeds are radiant. If you are righteous, then what you do will also be righteous. We should not think that holiness is based on what we do but rather on what we are, for it is not our works which sanctify us but we who sanctify our works.” Meister Eckhart1260- 1327/8

‘Awakening is a shift in consciousness in which thinking and awareness separate. For most people it is not an event but a process they undergo. Even those rare beings who experience a sudden, dramatic, and seemingly irreversible awakening will still go through a process in which the new state of consciousness gradually flows into and transforms everything they do and so becomes integrated into their lives.

Instead of being lost in your thinking, when you are awake you recognise yourself as the awareness behind it. Thinking then ceases to be a self-serving
autonomous activity that takes possession of you and runs your life.
Awareness takes over from thinking. Instead of being in charge of your
life, thinking becomes the servant of awareness. Awareness is conscious
connection with universal intelligence. Another word for it is
Presence: consciousness without thought.’ Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth



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