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Surrender defined- Dictionary: to give oneself up, as into the power of another; submit or yield.

In this section quotes here focus on surrender that brings devotion, love, peace and joy to the person. Consider:

Surrender defined by The Mother of Aurobindo Ashram  Surrender: the decision to hand over the responsibility of your life to the Divine. This is done either through the mind or the emotion or the life-impulse or through all of them together. To surrender to the Divine is to renounce your narrow limits and let yourself be invaded by It and made a centre for Its play.

If you are truly surrendered to the Divine, in the right manner and totally, then at every moment you will be what you ought to be, you will do what you ought to do, you will know what you ought to know.

But for that you should have transcended all the limitations of the ego.True surrender enlarges you; it increases your capacity; it gives you a greater measure in quality and in quantity, which you could not have had yourself.

If man surrenders totally to the Divine, he identifies himself with the Divine.

Surrender to the Divine is the best emotional protection.

The true repose is that of a perfect surrender to the Divine.


“Don’t seek God in temples. He is close to you. He is within you. Only you should surrender to Him and you will rise above happiness and unhappiness.” – Tolstoy

“It is the will of the almighty that prevails. By living in harmony with this will and becoming an instrument in His Hands you should try to realize Him” – Anandamayee Ma

“Everything is in God’s hands, and you are His tool to be used by Him as He pleases. Try to grasp the significance of ‘all is His’, and you will immediately feel free from all burdens. What will be the result of your surrender to Him? None will seem alien, all will be your very own, your Self.” – Anandamayee Ma

“When you leave everything to Him Who is the Fountain of Peace, and then only may you hope for peace.” Anandamayee Ma

If we were in tune and communing with God every moment, where would be the need to pray or ask for anything? We would have such a perfect sense of well-being, of complete confidence in our dependence upon Him, that we would feel a constant inner assurance: “He knows what He is doing with me. I cannot always understand His way, but I am content in the realization that He knows what is best.” That is surrender.
Daya Mata, `Only Love’

True self-surrender is the knowledge that the body, mind and soul belong to the Lord; that all our talents and gifts come from Him; that it is through His Grace and power that we think, act, breathe, sleep and digest our food; that all our material possessions belong to Him; that His Will is supreme.—Sri Swami Sivanand

“Only as you kneel before My Throne placing your human personality in entire subjection to my Divine Personality, can you be allowed to use My Power.” –  Eva Bell Werber (Quiet Talks With the Master, quoted by Science of Mind magazine, Daily Guide, Jan 5, 2008)

“If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Thus, in one sense, the road back to God is a road of moral effort, of trying harder and harder. But in another sense it is not trying that is ever going tobring us home. All this trying leads up to the vital moment at which you turn to God and say, “You must do this. I can’t.”
C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

“Keep your feet on the earth but lift your face towards the heavens, for the Light which floods into you from on high will steady your feet and guide them in the right path.  Have confidence in this divine Light.  Surrender with a tranquil mind and a heart full of love to this infinite Wisdom.” White Eagle

“Surrender is faith that the power of Love can accomplish anything even when you cannot forsee the outcome.” – Deepak Chopra

“You’re in the midst of a war: a battle between the limits of a crowd seeking the surrender of your dreams, and the power of your true vision to create and contribute. It is a fight between those who will tell you what you cannot do, and that part of you that knows / and has always known / that we are more than our environment; and that a dream, backed by an unrelenting will to attain it, is truly a reality with an imminent arrival.” – Anthony Robbins

“Give up all bad qualities in you, banish the ego and develop the spirit of surrender. You will then experience Bliss.” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us. The world changes when we change. the world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.”
Marianne Williamson

“God had brought me to my knees and made me acknowledge my own nothingness, and out of that knowledge I had been reborn. I was no longer the centre of my life and therefore I could see God in everything.”
Bede Griffiths

What is the difference
Between your experience of Existence
And that of a saint?

The saint knows
That the spiritual path
Is a sublime chess game with God

And that the Beloved
Has just made such a Fantastic Move

That the saint is now continually
Tripping over Joy
And bursting out in Laughter
And saying, “I Surrender!”

Whereas, my dear,
I am afraid you still think
You have a thousand serious moves.”
Hafez, I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy

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