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1. great happiness: feelings of great happiness or pleasure, especially of an elevated or spiritual kind
2. something that brings happiness: a pleasurable aspect of something or source of happiness His little granddaughter was a great joy to him.
intransitive verb (past joyed, past participle joyed, present participlejoy·ing, 3rd person present singularjoys)

enjoy something: to delight in something ( literary or archaic )

[12th century. < French joie< Latingaudere“rejoice”]The Joy of Creating:

orce yourself to smile and you’ll soon stop frowning.Force yourself to laugh and you’ll soon find something to laugh about.Wax enthusiastic and you’ll very soon feel so. A being causes his own feelings. The greatest joy there is in life is creating. Splurge on it! LRH

And Joy is Everywhere;
It is in the Earth’s green covering of grass;
In the blue serenity of the Sky;
In the reckless exuberance of Spring;
In the severe abstinence of gray Winter;
In the Living flesh that animates our bodily frame;
In the perfect poise of the Human figure, noble and upright;
In Living;
In the exercise of all our powers;
In the acquisition of Knowledge;
in fighting evils…
Joy is there Everywhere.

“Joy,” by Rabindranath Tagore



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