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Definition: Emotion

1. heightened feeling: a strong feeling about somebody or something

2. agitation caused by strong feelings: agitation or disturbance caused by strong feelings

[Late 16th century. < French, < émouvoir“stir up the feelings of” < Latin emovere“move out, remove” < movere “to move”]

Emotion: a response by wave-length affecting an individual or another which produces a sensation & a state of mind. Emotion is an index of a state of being.

In the English language, “emotional” is often considered synonymous with “irrational.” This would seem to assume that if one is emotional one cannot be reasonable. No more unreasonable assumption could possibly be made.


“Emotion seems to be inextricably connected up with the actual force of life. That there is a life force, no engineer could doubt. Man and medicine usually look at the pitcher and forget that the pitcher is only there to hold milk and that the milk is the important quantity. Life force is the helium which fills the free balloon. Out goes the helium, down comes the balloon. When this type of energy is located and isolated as itself –if it is just an energy type– then medicine can start moving forward in strides which will make all former steps look like those of a man in a sack race. Medicine doesn’t have any spare helium, for one thing.”

“Emotion is three things: engramic response to situations, endocrine metering of the body to meet situations on an analytical level and the inhibition or furtherance of life force.” page v Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health The Tone Scale by L. Ron Hubbard

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