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Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
Devotion defined: 1. profound dedication; consecration. 2. earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc. 3. an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause.
[1] There are but two great realities in the universe: the heart of God, and the heart of man, and each is ever seeking the other. (Source – Frederick Ward Kates)

[2] God can give to just and unjust alike His sunshine and His rain; but only to them who want Him can He give Himself. (Source – Forward Day By Day)

[3] It is a startling thing to awaken to the fact that one is indeed a child of God … and yet it is the heritage of every soul to awake to the consciousness that God indeed is mindful of the children of men, and calls ever: “If ye will be my children, I will be thy God.”
(Source – Edgar Cayce, by permission A.R.E.) (Source for all of the above – Let There Be Light by Bernice Simpson Dittmer)

“There is always the danger, that we may just do the work for the sake of the work. This is where the respect and the love and the devotion come in – that we do it to God, to Christ, and that’s why we try to do it as beautiful as possible. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

“The important thing is not the finding, it is the seeking, it is the devotion with which one spins the wheel of prayer and scripture, discovering the truth little by little. If this machine gave you the truth immediately, you would not recognize it.” Ursula K. LeGuin

“Keep your thoughts on Divine things (Arri katha). To surrender mind and heart and body to Him Who is their Lord gives peace; but to expect peace from the world will of a certainty bring sorrow in its train. Try to live a life of holiness and simplicity, in other words, be established in godliness and virtue. Why dissipate mind and body by useless worry? He unfailingly does what is for the best. Why, by harbouring only longings and desires invite sorrow? In whatever circumstances you may be placed, reflect thus : “It is all right, this was necessary for me; it is His way of drawing me close to His Feet,” and try to remain content. By Him alone should your heart be possessed!” – Anandamayee Ma

“While one is still guided by reason there is always the possibility of straying from the right course. So long as one has not realized that He and He alone is manifest in all modes of being, in all forms and in the formless, single-mindedness and unswerving faith are indispensable. Such one-pointed devotion must have for sole aim the revelations of the Beloved. Living among your people in a spirit of service be helpful to
everybody.” Anandamayee Ma

Bhakti is the one essential thing.  To be sure, God exists in all beings.  Who, then, is a devotee? He whose mind dwells on God.  But this is not possible as long as one has egotism and vanity.  The water of God’s grace cannot collect on the high mound of egotism.  It runs down.  I am a mere machine.” The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

“Bhakti is a higher thing higher than even desiring heaven.  The idea of heaven is of a place of intensified enjoyment. How can that be God?” By: Swami Vivekananda (Notes from a lecture On Bhakti Yoga

“To obtain Bhakti, seek the company of holy men who have Bhakti, and read books like the Gita and the Imitation of Christ; always think of the attributes of God.” – by Swami Vivekananda (Notes taken down in Madras 1892-1893

Pure Devotion

“Lord Hari is pleased only by pure devotion.  All the other things are mere display, mere ostentation. “  When I read this line for the first time from Sreemad Bhaagavatam, it became my possession, and it continues to be so even today.  What is the focus here?  “The Supreme Lord is pleased only by guileless devotion.  All the other things are mere
ostentation, display”. This guileless devotion is a trait or quality of your mind. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

“The way of devotion is as good as the way of knowledge. But as long as God keeps the feeling of ego in us, it is easier to follow the path of
devotion.” – Ramakrishna

“Until the devotee reaches this wonderful realization of Oneness, I don’t think the devotion has been fully accomplished. Without this, devotion cannot fulfill the devotee. This proposition may create a conflict and contradiction in the mind. It is natural. The buddhi will have to think repeatedly and rise above the conflicts and contradictions.”

“Those who tread the path of jnana and yoga are liable to become proud of their powers and wisdom. Bhaktas are humble, humility being the foundation of bhakti yoga.”- Swami Sivananda

ananyaas-cintayanto maam
ye janaah paryupaasate   .
teshaam nitya-abhiyuktaanaa m
yogakshemam vahaamyaham   ..

Bhagavadgeeta. 9.22

“For those who take to the thoughts of the Supreme exclusively, making such exclusiveness itself the core and content of their worship, the Supreme
itself ensures their welfare and prosperity.” – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

“To be devoted to the Supreme means to eliminate from the mind all forms of dislike or intolerance towards anyone or anything. In doing so alone
does devotion become interactional and wholesome. The devotee should
find out by introspection the constricting and anti-spiritual notes in
his mind and intelligence. In the name of devotion itself, he should
eliminate them. This process of elimination of unspiritual notes is the
active part of devotional saadhana. It should be given utmost
importance. Compared to worship with any material, this inner
examination including purging of wrong traits, is far superior. It
pleases the Lord more than anything else.” – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

“Until devotion is fully developed, you must practice listening to scriptures and singing God’s glory, without any interruption. Sometimes, devotees
deal with God in a bargaining spirit or in the spirit of a businessman.
This attitude should be given up. Whoever you may be, you should not
ask from your beloved Lord anything other than devotion or love for
Him. Uninterrupted flow of love towards the feet of the Lord is real
surrender. Such surrender guarantees genuine and everlasting peace.”- Baba

“Devotional efforts do not stop when mind becomes free of resentment and hatred. Simultaneously, a definite note of friendliness should be fostered
towards all. That alone will bring about real growth and expansion to
the devotee. Everybody naturally grows love and concern for his family
members, but not so for the others – a clear sense of division and
partiality. This should be transcended and all-fold fraternity should
be cultivated as much as possible. Devotional life means imbibing such
wholehearted benevolence, says Krishna.” – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

“To foster love and concern is not sufficient, says Krishna. The loving devotee must also want to do something to help others. This is emphasized when Krishna uses the profound phrase `sarva-bhoota- hite-rataah’. The devotional seeker’s thoughts, words and deeds will have a definite move towards the welfare of the others in general. That is the desired expansion of the devotional heart. Such expansion is characteristic of a true devotee.” – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

“The need for devotion to something outside ourselves is even more profound than the need for companionship. If we are not to go to pieces or
wither away, we must have some purpose in life; for no man can live for
himself alone.” Ross Parmenter

“You have got human birth in this world so that you may practise spiritual disciplines.  Try how you can gain devotion at the lotus feet of God.  What need is there for other things? What will you gain by philosophizing?  See, you can get intoxicated with a quarter of wine.  What need have you to know how many bottles of wine there is in the wine shop?” Ramakrishna Paramhansa Source : Kathamrita Section XVIII Chapter 3

“The waves belong to the Ganges, not the Ganges to the waves. A man cannot realize God unless he gets rid of all such egotistic ideas as ‘I am such an important man’ or ‘I am so and so’. Level the mound of ‘I’ to the ground by dissolving it with tears of devotion.” Ramakrishna Paramhansa


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