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Detachment defined

1. Aloofness, as from worldly affairs or from the concerns of others.
2. The act or process of disconnecting or detaching; separation.
3. Absence of prejudice or bias; disinterest

“Detachment is not indifference. It is the prerequisite for effective involvement. Often what we think is best for others is distorted by our attachment to our opinions: we want others to be happy in the way we think they should be happy. It is only when we want nothing for ourselves that we are able to see clearly into others’ needs and understand how to serve them. Mahatma Gandhi

I understood the Gita teaching of non-possession to mean that those who desired salvation should act like the trustee who, though having control over great possessions, regards not an iota of them as his own.
Gandhi, `Gandhi the Man’

A volunteer priest who once helped the sisters in Calcutta said of the poor: `They are the ones who have nothing to prove or to protect—no posing, no posturing before people, or before God. When all you’ve got is all you’ve got, all that’s left is to be yourself and you can only receive. And that, in a sense, is why the poor are blessed, because they know what really matters.
`Mother Teresa, A Simple Path’

When I have any money, I get rid of it as quickly as possible, lest it find away into my heart.
Christian, John Wesley
To enjoy anything, we cannot be attached to it.  What we usually try to do is capture any joy that comes our way before it can escape.  We try to cling to pleasure, but all we succeed in doing is making ourselves frustrated because, whatever it promises, pleasure simply cannot last.

But if I am willing to kiss the joy as it flies, I say, ‘Yes, this moment is beautiful.  I won’t grab it.  I’ll let it go.’  And I live with a mind at peace and a heart untroubled.  Pleasure comes and goes. When it goes, we don’t need to cling to memories of the past happiness
or dwell on when it may come again.  When we turn to the past yearning, we are running away from the present.  When we propel ourselves into the future in anticipation, we are running away from the present.  This is the secret of the world’s spiritual tradition called detachment:  If we don’t cling to past or future we live entirely here and now, in
‘Eternity’s sunrise.’ Eknath Easwaran ~ (Dec 1910-Oct 26,1999) Source: Take Your Time: How to Find Patience, Peace, and Meaning

“As our Lord said to Martha, ‘ unum est necessarium,’ which is as good as saying, He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.”
Meister Eckhart (1260- 1327/8) Source: Works of Meister Eckhart‎ by Eckhart, Franz Pfeiffer



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