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Courage Defined: the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action
She showed great courage throughout this difficult time.
[13th century. < Old French corage< Latincor “heart”]

quality of being brave.

As someone who wants to succeed, you need courage to deal with anything that scares you. You must face your fears head on. You need several types of courage.

  • The courage to discuss touchy issues.
  • The courage to be criticized.
  • The courage to say “no.”
  • The courage to make decisions.
  • The courage to tell the truth.
  • The courage to face the facts.
  • The courage to be in the minority.
  • The courage to hold a position.
  • The courage to admit you are wrong.
  • The courage to trust others.
  • The courage to accept responsibility.
  • The courage to disagree.
  • The courage to change.

Without courage, your success is unlikely.


“Courage could be summed up in: one, being willing to cause something; and two, going ahead to achieve the effect one has postulated against any and
all odds. There doesn’t happen to be any such thing as failure. There
just doesn’t happen to be any such thing.

“But of course, you all want to agree there’s such a thing as failure so that
you can have a reason to fail so you won’t have to be cause. That’s
another thing. But there isn’t any reason to fail. There’s no excuse
for any failure that ever occurred anyplace in history, except
this—except this: There was just not quite enough carry-through and
push-through.” — L. Ron Hubbard Philadelphia Doctorate Course

more at The Light Forum


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