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]: a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equality in amount, weight, value, or importance, as between two things or the parts of a thing. and it has a complete choice:
noun an instrument for weighing, esp. one that opposes equal weights, as in two matched shallow pans hanging from either end of a lever supported exactly in the middle; scales
the imaginary scales of fortune or fate, as an emblem of justice or the power to decide the power or ability to decide a state of equilibrium or equipoise;
equality in amount, weight, value, or importance, as between two things or the parts of a thing bodily equilibrium or stability h
; harmonious proportion
a setting of clauses, phrases, ideas, etc. in parallel constructions for rhetorical effect a weight, force, effect, etc. that counteracts another or causes equilibrium; counterpoise the point along an object’s length at which there is equilibrium in full .
balance point equality of debits and credits in an account the excess of credits over debits or of debits over credits the amount still owed after a partial settlement☆ whatever is left over; remainder the act of balancing.
balance wheel Etymology:[ ME & OFr, prob. via ML < VL *bilancia < LL bilanx, having two scales < L bis,twice + lanx, a dish, scale < IE *elek-, extended stem of base *el-, to bendelbow transitive verb balanced -·anced,
balancing -·anc·ing to weigh in or as in a balance to compare as to relative importance, value, counterpoise or counteract; make up for; offset to bring into or keep in a state of equilibrium or equipoise; keep steady; poise to balance oneself on stilts to bring into proportion, harmony, etc. to make or be proportionate to; make or be equal to in weight, force, effect, etc. to find any difference that may exist between the debit and credit sides of (an account); also, to equalize the debit and credit sides of (an account) to settle (an account) by paying debts.
DANCING to move toward and then back from (a partner) intransitive verb to be in equilibrium to be equal in value, weight, have the credit and debit sides equal to each other; to waver slightly; tilt and return to equilibrium
DANCING to balance partners

“The most important human endeavor is striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to our lives.”
Albert Einstein

“To appreciate the balance in life, you have to lose it every now and then.”
Rod Williams Musician
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