One Light Many Windows!

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One Light Many Windows ~library presents Simple Truths, which is one of the categories of collections of wisdom within our global divine network. There are about 12 categories of topics now on blogs. ‘the light forum‘ is for discussions and harmonizing set up for Simple Truths.

One Light Many Windows ~Library Categories:

_ Welcome Fellow Traveler

Simple Truths
Windows of Light
Gaia Minute Library
Windows of Meditation
Teachings of Masters
Angels & Deities
Parables, Myths & Legends
Prayers, Mantras & Spiritual lyrics
One Light Many Windows ~Library References
Books & Multimedia

Admins: Kathy, Anna, Meenakshi & Bhatta; consulting admins Gien & sanmugan
Other Related Links

Thanks you for providing such a simple platform to communicate to the world.

Always link to any source and a dictionary definition. Terms of Service on WordPress apply to this interaction as well.


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