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Awareness defined: 1. having knowledge; conscious; cognizant: aware of danger. 2. informed; alert; knowledgeable; sophisticated: She is one of the most politically aware young women around.

“Throughout the twenty-four hours abide in the awareness of the Presence of God. Then only can there be hope of Realization. Who can foresee at what moment He may choose to reveal Himself? This is why one must ever keep wide awake.” – Anandamayee Ma

“Our eyes are holden that we cannot see things that stare us in the face, until the hour arrives when the mind is ripened; then we behold them, and the time when we saw them not is like a dream.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson  (Spiritual Laws)

“While we are born with curiosity and wonder and our early years full of the adventure they bring, I know such inherent joys are often lost.  I also know that, being deep within us, their latent glow can be fanned to flame again by awareness and an open mind.”
~ Sigurd Olson  (Listening Point)

“Awareness is becoming acquainted with environment, no matter where one happens to be.  Man does not suddenly become aware or infused with wonder; it is something we are born with.” ~ Sigurd Olson  (Reflections from the North Country)

“I was climbing the long ridge west of Mt. Clark…  I was suddenly arrested in the long crunching push up the ridge by an exceedingly pointed awareness of the light …  I saw more clearly than I have ever seen before or since the minute detail of the grasses, the clusters of sand shifting in the wind, the small flotsam of the forest, the motion of the high clouds streaming above the peaks.  There are no words to convey the moods of those moments.” ~ Ansel Adams

“Awareness is everything. … People worry a lot more about the eternity after their deaths than the eternity that happened before they were born.  But it’s the same amount of infinity, rolling out in all directions from where we stand.” ~ Barbara Kingsolver

“The concepts of unity and multiplicity do not bring integration; Only through awareness do sentient beings reach freedom.” ~from Saraha, Buddhist monk

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.”
~ James Thurber

“The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve. There must be an awareness which is not of thought. To be aware, without condemnation or justification, of the activities of the self – just to be aware – is sufficient.” – J Krishnamurti,   The First and Last Freedom – 113

“All know the drop merges in the ocean. Few know the ocean merges in the drop.” Kabir

“In spite of all the world’s bitterness, you are passionately and shamelessly attached to it. Know that bitter tribulation is a Mercy!…

The cruelty of Time and of every suffering that exists is easier than
distance from God and heedlessness. For that cruelty will pass, but
distance from Him will not. No one possesses good fortune but he who
takes to Him an aware spirit.

`The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi’

“You are pure awareness. The world is an illusion, Nothing more. When you understand this fully, Desire falls away. You find peace. For indeed! There is nothing.” – Ashtavakra Gita 15:17

“The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve.
There must be an awareness which is not of thought.
To be aware, without condemnation or justification,
of the activities of the self – just to be aware –
is sufficient.” – J Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom – 113

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