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Affirmation defined: 1. the act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed. 2. the assertion that something exists or is true. 3. something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.4. confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment, decision, etc.

“There are two uses or purposes for affirmations.  One is to educate our minds in positive habits and ways of thinking.  The other is to bring ideas
from the unformed to the formed, or visible world.  Affirmations that
identify oneself with the Christ [the Spirit of God indwelling us]
serve to both raise personal consciousness as well as demonstrate the
Christ Mind to the world.

How Affirmations Work:
One who knows Principle has a certain inner security given him or her by
the understanding of God Mind.  Our affirmations are for the purpose of
establishing in our consciousness a broad understanding of the
principles on which all life and existence depend.   Affirmations play
an important part in the process of divine ideas becoming facts and
experiences in our lives.  Affirmations work by retraining and
enriching our minds to establish divine ideas in our consciousness.
They require repetition by the conscious mind so that the subconscious
mind is transformed.  They change both our thinking and feeling
natures, building a consciousness of the presence of God and a
consciousness of Truth.

How to Use and Construct an Affirmation:
Affirmations are used whenever we want to renew the mind with the Truth.  We also use them to bring desired good into our lives.  We do so by repeating
our affirmations silently or audibly, with power and faith, using our
thinking and feeling natures.  They are positive “I” statements in the
present tense [ie, “My prayers, words, and actions are expressions of
the highest good.”]  We affirm that whatever good we desire is already
here and now.  We affirm what is already true in God Mind.” Unity School of Christianity Unity Institute, Metaphysics 1, An Overview of Fundamental Teachings of Unity, pp. 101-102.

1. act of affirming: an assertion of support or agreement

2. something affirmed: a positive statement or declaration of the truth or existence of something… an affirmation of his love

3. law formal legal declaration: a formal declaration acceptable in a court, usually made by somebody who has a conscientious objection to taking an oath

4. positive statement of achievement: a positive thought or statement affirming that a desired goal has been reached or is within reach

[15th century. Directly or via French< Latinaffirmation-< affirmare [13th century. Via Old French< Latin affirmare “strengthen” <firmus “firm”]

Divine Expression

“Affirmations are positive thoughts or statements about some outcome you wish to achieve. Instead of negative self-talk, you can use positive daily affirmations to direct what your focus will be. You can conquer your
past and present fears, and enjoy your present or create the future by affirmation.
Affirmations redirect your values, help formulate goals, or prepare you for situations, whenever or wherever they may occur. Self-developed affirmations (the ones you compose yourself) are the most effective positive daily affirmations. If you couple them with clearly defined written goals and applied faith, their power is unlimited” Evelyn Lim

I Am attracting and sending loving healing energy with every breath and every step I take today. ~Sohini Sinha

Abundance Affirmations

I am wealthy and abundant

1. All the things I want and need come to me.

2. I always receive more than what I need.

3. I have a bank account with more than enough.

4. I am an abundant person.

5. I create abundance in all that I say and do.

6. I accept abundance.

7. I welcome, and am open to receive all abundance that comes.8. I draw abundance to myself today and every day. Evelyn Lim

Affirmations- Fearlessness

1. “I am fearless.”

If you said this out loud it would be very effective to raise your voice and emphasis the word fearless. If you raised your hand in a strong gesture it further anchors the strength and courage that you feel in your body. The visual image that may go along with “I am fearless,” could be seeing yourself confronting a strong adversary and you looking right into his or her eyes and feeling in your heart that you are too strong to cower, and that you are planted firmly to the Earth. Effectively Working with Affirmations by Yoga Kat aka Katheryn Hoban ©2010

2. “I affirm fearlessness of that which I have feared.” (Culture of Courage. By Frank Channing Haddock)

Saivism’s Affirmation of Faith The proclamation “God Siva is Immanent Love and Transcendent Reality” is a potent affirmation of faith. Said in any of Earth’s 3,000 languages, it summarizes the beliefs and doctrines of the Saivite Hindu religion. Aum. An affirmation of faith is a terse, concise statement summarizing a complex philosophical tradition. “God Siva is Immanent Love and Transcendent Reality,” is what we have when we take the milk from the sacred cow of Saivism, separate out the cream, churn that cream to rich butter and boil that butter into a precious few drops of ghee. “God Siva is Immanent Love and Transcendent Reality” is the sweet ghee of the Saivite Hindu religion. In the Sanskrit language it is Sivah Sarvagatam Prema, Param Satyam Parah Sivah. In the sweet Tamil language it is even more succinct and beautiful: Anbe Sivamayam, Satyame Parasivam. In French it is Dieu Siva est Amour omniprÚsent et RÚalitÚ transcendante. We strengthen our mind with positive affirmations that record the impressions of the distilled and ultimate truths of our religion so that these memories fortify us in times of distress, worldliness or anxiety. The Tirumantiram proclaims, “Transcending all, yet immanent in each He stands. For those bound in the world here below, He is the great treasure. Himself the Parapara Supreme, for all worlds He gave the way that His greatness extends.” Aum Namah Sivaya. – BY: Sathguru Sivaya Subramuniya swami in “ Dancing with Siva.” ( Sathguru Sivaa Subramuniya Swami Of the Hawaii monastery.Kauai Aadheenam,Kauai’s Hindu Monastery drawn from Gurudeva’s 3,000 page trilogy on Hindu philosophy, culture and metaphysics, available in the full-color volumes of Dancing, Living and Merging with Siva at our Minimela online store.)(modified)

Science of Mind : Affirmation – To affirm anything is to state that it is so, and to maintain this as being true in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Human thought can only affirm, for even at the moment of denial, it is affirming the presence of that which it denies ! Repeating an affirmation is leading the mind to that state of consciousness where it accepts that which it wishes to believe. (Source – Glossary of Terms – The Science of Mind – A Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life by Ernest Holmes)

The Universe responds when we enter into a clear and coherent state of conscious knowing. ~Dr. Roger Teel Science of Mind

Affirmations for Peace and Harmony I am at peace with myself. I am always in harmony with the Universe. I am filled with the love of the Universal Divine Truth. I am at peace with all those around me. I have provided a harmonious place for myself and those I love Source: Affirmation-Website

Affirmations: The Wisdom I Am Living

1. I have a higher purpose.

2. I am in communion with the whole of life.

3. My awareness is always open to change.

4. My awareness senses everything in my environment.

5. I feel acceptance for all others as my equal.

6. I seize every moment with renewed creativity.

7. My being is cradled in the rhythms of the universe.

8. I feel safe and nurtured.

9. I feel a sense of connection with my source.

10. I am committed to Giving as the source of all Abundance.

11. I let the flow of life bring me what I need.

12. I see all change, including birth and death, against the background of immortality.

Affirmations: I Embody Universal Principles

1. The events in my life reflect who I am.

2. Whatever catches my attention tells me something.

3. The people in my life reflect aspects of myself.

4. Whatever I pay attention to will grow.

5. I take inventory of how I use my attention.

6. Nothing is random – my life is full of signs and symbols.

7. I look for patterns in my life.

8. The universe is giving me the best results possible.

9. I focus on the gifts in my life.

10. My inner awareness expands beyond boundaries.

11. My life’s direction moves from duality to unity.

12. I am living in many dimensions at once.

13. I send love and light from my heart in all directions. Deepak Chopra

Deep Integrity Affirmations:

1. I am fully committed to the path of deep integrity. Growing in trust, authenticity, responsibility and service, with the support of others, is my number one priority.

2. I am an interdependent cell within the body of Life. Everything I see, hear and feel is a part of me – part of my larger Self, my true Nature.

3. I am the sum total of 14 billion years of unbroken evolutionary development now reflecting on its immense journey. I am graced by a growing awareness of the awesome implications of my larger sacred story.

4. I am one with the living face of evolution. I participate in, and as, the ongoing emergence of the Universe and planet Earth. I do so with courage, compassion, gratitude, and care-full action.

5. I feel the loving support of the Whole. I know that my breathing, seeing, hearing, and feeling are acts of communion. My senses are portals to the holy. Source: “Thank God for Evolution” by Michael Dowd

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